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Tom Rivest is a financial godsend for my family.  Before working with Tom, our previous advisor had been losing money on our retirement investments but still collecting commissions on the bad investments he had made for us.  After being introduced to Tom, we set up a meeting and he came to our home and shared his financial plan and strategy, giving excellent information on his business practices and answered any and all of our questions.

 He collected all of our financial history to review and in a couple of weeks came back to us with an aggressive and comprehensive plan to help build up our retirement investments, as well as help us get ahead with day to day living. He showed us exactly where we were losing money and had excellent plans and strategies to not only stop the bleeding but turn those losses into gains.  As educators with four children, one in college, every dime counts and through Tom's investments we are now able to take vacations and build our children's college funds (our previous investor had lost several thousands of my oldest son's college savings).  

The best testimony I can give about Tom is he is someone I trust with my family's future.  He works tirelessly to make sure we are protected and he watches the market constantly to make sure he is ahead of the trends,  knows when to move the money and when to be aggressive.  He is available any time I have questions and meets regularly with us to discuss our progress and what changes we would like to make.  Our success is his success.  I recommend him to all of my family and friends and they are equally pleased they have built their portfolios with Rivest Financial!  You can't go wrong with Tom!!!

Norm & Gina Robbins, Agawam, MA​

I am absolutely delighted with Rivest Financial's service. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way they took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, their depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and common sense approach. Their professional, ethical and caring demeanor elicits my trust and respect and I gladly recommend Rivest Financial whenever possible. 

Denise DeSellier, Longmeadow, MA

This is what a financial advisor should do! I have never had this kind of experience in the past with financial advisers and this is the kind of service I have been looking for. It’s nice to have one place to come to, without being too large or institutional. I feel like they know the whole picture and if anything happened to me now, I know my family will be looked after.  

​Cathy Glazier, ​Longmeadow, MA


Our goal for the both of us was to retire at the age of 55. With Mr. Rivest's guidance and very hard work, we were able to retire and achieve our financial goals. Mr. Rivest is very professional and efficient. We would highly recommend his services.

Raymond & Isabelle Brunelle, Chicopee, MA

My reward is having met Tom who is selfless - yup, not easy to find in the business world. This juncture has been only positive as it pertains to business needs, and friendship. Tom is unique in that he genuinely cares about his clients with unconditional concern. He's confident, yet humble. He has 

brought success, satisfaction, and a sense of security knowing that I trust his ongoing guidance for my highest good. His skills have never disappointed me, nor has his friendship. 

From the onset of our relationship, he knew my needs immediately. He explained easily in lay terms so I could easily understand, as opposed to others who had been interviewed for the same consultation. 

I felt that, perhaps, they were more interested in their gains than in my long term needs. 

Tom is creative, with many skills, not only within his profession - he is also at ease - makes others feel the same, he has a magnet personality, a People Professional - with people from all walks of life. He's kind, humble, and a giant soul inside his 6'3" frame. He's fun, compassionate, tolerant, patient, has the genuine gift of listening which is rare, he's fully present at appointments, always on time, listens with concern and caring, laughs easily and often, someone whom I felt intuitively was going to watch over me as a human being, and my $. Amen! Tom has become a family member for which I am truly grateful. Thank you, Tom Rivest! 

Judith P., South Hadley, MA


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